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Film Academy | Austria | Zell Am See

A film making Summer Camp with traditional camp activities in a fun, two-week programme in the Austrian Alps. Make your own personal high-quality movie with a team of fellow filmmaking enthusiasts! Step by step, you will learn the fundamentals of feature film making - screen writing, storyboarding, shooting and editing - and create your own personal, high-quality finished project to show to the entire summer camp and your family and friends back home!

Summer Camp Programme suitable for ages 10-17

Programme Overview

Film Director Edward McDougal has taught filmmaking and screenwriting at Regent and Taylor Universities and has conducted feature film workshops in Hungary, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Russia, Switzerland and the Ukraine. He has personally directed and produced widely distributed feature films including "The Prodigy," "Gold Through the Fire," and "Geronimo" which have won numerous international awards. Edward has a wealth of experience teaching professional film skills to people of all ability levels and is a fun person to be around. Regardless of your previous film knowledge and experience, Edward and his staff will break the exciting and challenging aspects of movie-making into simple steps. Both uninitiated and advanced film students can quickly grasp Edward's instructions and put to good use in their projects.

Traditionally, mornings and sometimes during the afternoons and evenings, you will benefit from a complete crash course in the fundamentals of movie making, at the same time working on your personal film project. Each camper is a member of a small group who serve as crew for each other's projects. Using the group to help brainstorm and offer feedback, each camper's personal project proceeds through carefully planned steps from initial concept to burned DVD. Camper-directors will use eager campers and staff from the rest of the camp as their actors and extras and can choose from a spectacular array of camp activities and scenic locations to use in their movies.

The film camp is known for its enthusiasm and creativity. Don't be surprised if you leave camp amazed at what you accomplish with your finished film projects!

Special excursion for Film Campers

A behind the scenes tour of a state of the art cinema where campers will learn about the latest projector technology, learn about how cinemas choose their films and get to experience a behind the scenes look at how 3D films work.

Accommodation, Excursions & Activities

Campers and staff members stay in the well positioned 80-capacity Chalet Notburgahof. The Chalet is exceptionally well equipped with an on-site multi-purpose gym for sports and evening activities, as well as language classrooms, video-making studio with Imacs, an internet café, conference room, and tennis and badminton courts. Excursions highlight are the Salzburg visit and the Mountain Hut Overnight. In a busy evening activity schedule highlights are the popular Indoors-Olympics and Team-building Challenges.

Details on Excursions and Activities can be found on the "Country Austria Overview Page".

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