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Summer Camps in Austria, Canada, Portugal & Switzerland

Summer Camp - Ages

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All campers choose a country and base programme for their stay, and with a few exceptions these activities are during the morning period of 3 hours. For the rest of the day campers from all programmes come together for a variety of general camp activities. For more information about individual programmes, please choose below.

Ages Austria
Summer Camp Austria
Summer Camp Canada
Summer Camp Portugal
Summer Camp Switzerland
7 - 9       Summer Camp Switzerland
9-18   Summer Camp Canada    
10-17 Summer Camp Austria   Summer Camp Portugal Summer Camp Switzerland
12-17 Summer Camp Austria     Summer Camp Switzerland
15-17       Summer Camp Switzerland

At each Summer Camp site, campers are divided into colour groups, according to ages. This applies to afternoon and evening programmes and the accommodation/rooming arrangements, helping us cater for the needs and expectations of each camper. During the specific morning programmes and in particular for the Sports Camps and Language Programmes, divisions also take into account skill levels, providing a structure and environment that assures each camper is both challenged and encouraged to improve skills and learn new ones.