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Game Development | Feydey Virtual Camp

Ever played a game either on your phone, computer, or console and thought “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if the game had gone like this?” or “I wish I could do this!” Well that’s what this programme is going to be all about. Learning how to create your very own game, at a basic level of course!

Programme suitable for ages 10-13

Course Overview

Learn how to design and programme game elements, create game scenes; create a complete game with multiple levels, menus and a final boss. Let a professional game-maker take you through the ins and outs of game creation from planning, creating and testing with the objective of allowing each camper to create their own final product.


Each student, upon completion of the course will receive a Certificate of Completion as well as a participation report outlining what the student has achieved as well as any strengths and/or weaknesses that should be addressed in the future.

Afternoon Activities

Summer Camp Dance
Summer Camp Photography
Summer Camp Cooking
Summer Camp Game Development & Coding
Summer Camp Music
Summer Camp Art & Design
Summer Camp Young Magician
Summer Camp Young Singer
Summer Camp Circus Skills
Summer Camp Football Skills
Summer Camp Creativity
Summer Camp Theatre
Summer Camp My Comic Book
Summer Camp Making A Film or YouTube Video
Summer Camp Stars, Sky and Pirates
Summer Camp Chess Tournament
Summer Camp My Camp at Home
Summer Camp Fit Club

Special Virtual Camp Events

During each session, Feydey Virtual Camp will host a range of different special events welcoming all campers to take part in friendly shows and competitions in an exposé of international skills and culture!

These include Feydey’s Got Talent, Photo of the Summer (Insta famous), Epic Fort Building, and finally the Feydey Virtual Gala dinner.

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