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Camp Testimonials

Here's a selection of testimonials from Campers and Parents

"This year was again more marvelous than ever. From the beginning to the end everything was perfect and this is because of a very special reason, all of the staff members can make the campers smile. They not only look after us but they are like friends and I believe this is what makes Village Camps so different to other camps! Thank you."
"Hi VC! The Leadership Training Camp was the best summer experience in my life. I really enjoyed it and want to come back. I made lots of good friends from many different countries that I will stay in contact with. Everyone was really nice, thank you."
"Wow, what a trip! I am home but missing camp already! I had an extremely good time in York and have already begged my parents to come back next year."
"My daughter was able to put her filmmaking skills to good use recently when she took the lead in a school project in a group of four to make a documentary. She wrote the text for her role and for one of her group members, did the story board, directed, shot and edited what ended up as a 15-minute film that went way beyond her teacher’s expectations. I am incredibly proud of what she achieved and wanted to thank you for teaching her all those wonderful skills. It could not have happened without your programme at Village Camps. Thank you so much for everything you have done for her."
"Just a small word to tell you and your team a big thank you for taking care of my daughter. She had a blast and she is super happy with what she lived and experienced during 2 weeks. It was a real adventure for her and she loved it."