Our philosophy of learning while having fun

The Village Camps Premise and Promise

Learning While Having Fun... and Having Fun While Learning... are at the centre of the VILLAGE CAMPS philosophy. These principles, instilled daily to campers, counsellors and staff, ensure the highest level of a rewarding, enjoyable and beneficial summer camp experience to all participating.

Summer Camp Skill levels raised

Summer Camp  Languages developped

Summer Camp Meet peers from many different cultures

Summer Camp Make new friends

Summer Camp Feel confident and at ease

Summer Camp Learn and enjoy so much in a new environment

Summer Camp Visit and appreciate new places

Summer Camp Take on new challenges - and overcome them

Summer Camp Try new sports

Summer Camp Practice and improve traditional sports

Summer Camp Develop a greater sense of self esteem

Summer Camp Learn how to work successfully in a peer group

Just as those two young friends did when they met at camp those fateful summer days a long time ago...