Health & Safety at Summer Camp

Who is caring for your children at camp?

An excellent average ratio of 1:6 between counsellors and children on each site ensures effective supervision, great care and strong guidance for all young campers. Counsellors are responsible for direct supervision. When taking into account the management team staff members, facilities staff, nurses and other support adults present on site, the ratio of Village Camps staff members to children can be as generous as 1:4!

Important Safety Measures

During every activity all precautionary safety measures are in place and followed strictly. All Village Camps counsellors are required to have full CPR and First Aid certification. In addition, at all camp sites there are full-time Health Care Specialists looking after campers' health. They are responsible for any first aid, the organisation and distribution of medicines, liaising with local doctors and hospitals as necessary and keeping all records relating to any illness or accident.

Hospitals are always within driving distance. In the rare event of illness or accident, parents are called at the first opportunity and updated with full information on what steps have been taken to help the child.

At every location there is a comprehensive fire drill for all staff and campers.

Advanced Health Precautions

Village Camps is dedicated to providing the safest environment for your children. Planning for a world where the pandemic may still be prevalent, we will take certain precautions in order to minimize any risks of an outbreak in a camp environment. As a Swiss-based company, we will be closely updating policies in accordance with the required standards put in place by the Service de Protection de la Jeunesse (SPJ) and relevant local authorities. Some of these include the following:

Disinfectant dispensers will be provided around each of our different locations with individual hand and surface sanitizing bottles distributed regularly throughout the stay at camp.

Strict camper hygiene measures including the regular cleaning of hands, sneezing/coughing scenarios and more will be supervised and delivered by staff in order to educate campers.

Strict cleaning protocols will be followed several times daily by all housekeeping staff as well as counselor staff.

Meal times will follow the appropriate regulations with regards to serving campers.

Before arrival all campers and staff must fill out our updated Health Form confirming good health and informing us of any underlying health issues as well as any previous corona virus results.

Upon arrival all campers and staff temperatures will be checked (along with parents if accompanying them for check-in).

Our nurse staff will be available 24 hours a day to check temperatures or assess symptoms.

Where possible, social distancing as well as numbers have been reduced: meals, rooms, student-staff ratio, and activity programmes. Additional rooms have been made available in a suspected case of infection.