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Leadership Training Camp | England | York

Participants in the challenging Leadership Training Camp Course gain a better understanding of themselves and their sense of leadership. They learn how to work more effectively as a team under the inspiring guidance of an impressive Village Camps course leader and team supported by specially invited, leading guest speakers from the US and Europe.

Summer Camp Programme suitable for ages 15-17
" Thank you so much for making these 2 weeks in camp the best experience I have ever had in my life (so far)! I really enjoyed camp, I will enter University next year and I know LTC has helped me so much to be ready. "

Programme Overview

This dynamic programme combines thought-provoking talks by specialist Village Camp staff and invited international speakers with a programme of testing challenges and action-packed activities. Each day is constructed around leadership training sessions combined with physical activities, discussions that stretch the mind, team-building exercises and off-camp visits to outdoor sites to engage in challenging tasks.

LTC Director

David Allen is an entrepreneur and co-director of Challenge Tours which runs leadership courses at Greystone Adventure Centre and Camp Solomon in South Africa. He has been directing the award-winning Village Camps Leadership Training programme, both in Leysin, Switzerland and York, England for many years, sharing motivational presentations with our young leaders.

More recently, David has written a book, Leadership In The Trees, aiming to give students the tools to maximise their leadership potential and thus become better leaders in all areas of their lives. For those interested, the book is available through Amazon.

On the international scene, David is a renowned leadership coach and motivational speaker, with guest lectures given to corporates, school groups, universities, as well as police tactical and detective units worldwide.

Thanks to his interactive approach, David captivates his audiences, ensuring at the same time that people are actively involved in his presentations and retain what he teaches.

David is a resident of Estcourt, in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa. He is happily married to Debbie and is the proud father of two young children.

International Guest Speakers

Undoubtedly, the quality of the international guest speakers specialising in leadership that are flown to the York Camp from all over the world continue to be a major factor in the success of the highly acclaimed LTC programme. Here are the speakers who have addressed LTC campers in past summers, some of whom will be back for 2018:

Kerry Max Cook (USA)
Kerry is an extraordinary man with an extraordinary story. His presentation is riveting as he goes through his life explaining how someone else’s mistake cost him 20 years of his life for no reason. Even more commendable is how he has picked himself up after facing impossible odds to lead a life with a promising and productive future. Based on his life story, a very successful play, “The Exonerated”, has been playing throughout the USA highlighting the travesty of justice that prevails in the US legal system. Kerry’s story is to be made into a film.

Alfred Eden
Eden is from Estcourt, South Africa where he is director of Greystone Camp & Adventure Centre and co- director and founder of Challenge Tours which facilitates Leadership courses for school and corporate groups. A fascinating guy, LTC enjoyed his absorbing presentation last summer.

Claire Young

From ‘The Apprentice’ boardroom to award winning entrepreneur!
Claire Young, 37, is the straight talking, no-nonsense business woman who is well known for reaching the final of series 4 of BBC1’s The Apprentice (2008) watched by over 11 million viewers. Lord Sugar dubbed her a 'Rottweiler' for her tenacious approach and mind-set of never giving up! Now a successful young businesswoman she hopes that her story will motivate others to realise that with hard work, drive and determination anything is possible.

Since then she has gone onto launch which helps to inspire, motivate and educate young people. The success of the business has been recognised by Claire winning several awards for its achievements.

She is passionate about raising aspiration and promoting enterprising skills to our younger generation. Claire has been nominated for the Queen's Enterprise Award and is honoured to represent the UK in The European Network of Female Entrepreneurship Ambassadors. Claire is Ambassador, and co-founder, of social enterprise and enjoys working with female students. Her aim is to raise their aspirations and make them think big! Girls can achieve anything which they put their mind to. It is often commented in the press that she is a brilliant role model for teenage girls and young women.

David Hyner

David gives you the best bits from 19+ years of research interviews with top achievers, inspiring and motivating your students and staff to success.

An "average at best" student that became a chef to prove a careers officer wrong…. Now an acclaimed international professional speaker, trainer, author, BBC broadcaster, adventurer, father and husband, he delivers to between 10,000 and 50,000 students and staff each year. David is a bullish speaker with a FUN, challenging and inter-active style. The learning happens as they laugh. Having co-authored two no. 1 education Amazon books on classroom management and numerous others, David will inspire our LTC campers.

More on the programme:

A ‘top’ day for the LTC campers takes them on an outdoor adventure centre on a team building day. The challenges include using ropes and poles in rough terrain, raft building and making a temporary bridge - all part of an exercise to use speed, initiative and the skills of the team to rescue an injured pilot from a crashed plane. The damaged plane is real but luckily the crash is simulated! An action-packed, dramatic day that fully engages every camper and vividly illustrates what a team can achieve by working together. Brilliant!

Another ‘highlight’ day is set aside to take part in the highly regarded Village Camps T.A.L.E or The Amazing Leadership Experience. After group discussions this day is completely planned and organised by the course participants. The programme is designed around competitive contests with camper-teams given places to find, sites to visit, items to collect and missions to accomplish - all on a limited financial budget to promote the understanding of the R.O.I. principle (Return on Investment), one which guides corporate investment in today's world.

The typical daily programme includes: Workshops – Discussions – Team-Building – Activities – Off-site challenges in specially chosen locations – Guest speaker sessions – Debriefs.

Workshop Presentations

Summer Camp Communication skills
Summer Camp Problem solving
Summer Camp Leadership skills
Summer Camp Making judgements
Summer Camp Building self-confidence
Summer Camp Decision making
Summer Camp Effective team work

Physical Challenges

Summer Camp Ropes & pole course
Summer Camp Skiing – on an indoor slope
Summer Camp Raft building
Summer Camp Bridge building
Summer Camp Pilot rescue from a plane crash!
Summer Camp Team soccer
Summer Camp Problem solving Olympics
Summer Camp Paint Ball

Accommodation, Excursions & Activities

The Village Camps site, Queen Ethelburga's College, provides an exceptional standard of state-of-the-art accommodation. The Camp has an impressive range of leisure and sports facilities all in the glorious 'parkland' setting of the green Yorkshire countryside. Highlights include a full day excursion to Manchester with time for shopping and planned leisure activities in the impressive Trafford Centre and a half-day excursion to the historic, walled city of York with time to visit the famous York Minster and other major points of interest. In the afternoons and evenings, campers at York enjoy an exciting range of activities. Highlights are the fun team competitions on BIG Night, International Night and the Talent Show.

Further details about the excursions and activities can be found in the "Country England Overview Page".

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