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Junior Adventure Summer Camp | Switzerland | Leysin

This Junior programme is ideal for a ‘first-time-away’ experience for 7-9 year olds. Young campers meet others in the same age group from all over the world. Together they get to enjoy our age appropriate activities and games in the delightful village of Leysin, high in the Swiss Alps.

We realise just how important it is to choose the right camp for your child’s first residential Camp. Village Camps has worked with young children for the last 50 years. We have decades of experience providing a safe, caring and secure environment that guarantees a fun time for our young campers.

Programme suitable for ages 7-9

Programme Overview

This programme is specially designed for the 7-9 age-group and is and offers a selection of the most suitable activities that are featured in our Sports and Adventure programmes.

Our young campers are introduced to a variety of exciting activities and games. Throughout the day, experienced, caring counsellors guide young campers through a varied list of specially designed activities.

Under constant, patient supervision by the counsellors with a ratio of 1:4, campers receive clear instructions so that each feels comfortable during each activity. During every activity all precautionary safety measures are in place and followed strictly.

All Village Camps counsellors are required to have full CPR and First Aid certification and there are full-time Health Care Specialists looking after campers' health. Strict camper hygiene measures including the regular cleaning of hands, sneezing/coughing scenarios and more will be supervised and delivered by staff in order to educate campers.

Counsellors are enthusiastic young people from around the world and their role at camp is to take care of your children making sure they are comfortable, safe and happy at all times. They must be above 21+ years old in order to be considered for a position in the residential camps and are usually in the age frame 21-35.

All our camps have a qualified chef and kitchen staff with professional experience in preparing meals for young children and teenagers. Special dietary needs such as those relating to allergies, vegetarians, etc can be accommodated provided that Village Camps is advised in advance.

Many of the activities take place in the open-air:

Summer Camp Hikes along mountain paths
Summer Camp Survival Skills activities
Summer Camp Forest Games
Summer Camp Excursions
Summer Camp Sport sessions

There are also plenty of indoor:

Summer Camp Sports Centres activities
Summer Camp Arts and Crafts sessions
Summer Camp Cooking lessons
Summer Camp Music
Summer Camp Dance
Summer Camp Indoor Games

We acknowledge that younger campers will get tired more easily than older children. There are down-times during the day and their evening activities end earlier.

Bed times reflect this age-group needs and are supervised by the Counsellors. Children sleep in rooms with 3 or 4 other campers and there are Counsellors assigned to night watch, available to attend the children in case of need.

Accommodation, Excursions & Activities

Campers stay at the Village Camps owned and managed Swiss Alpine Centre. The centre has spacious, mainly en-suite bedrooms for 3-4 campers as well as lounges and recreational areas and impressive dining facilities. The campus is well situated just above the main village and close to its excellent sport and leisure facilities.

There are exciting excursions to Geneva, the lakeside town of Lausanne, a chocolate factory and the Water-Park in nearby Aigle.

There is a variety of afternoon and evening activities both in Camp and outdoors, which campers from all programmes participate together. These all camp activities are organised and supervised by Village Camp counsellors.

Further details on the excursions and on the activities available at the Leysin camp can be found on the Switzerland Overview Page.

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Camp Dates & Prices

Employment at this Camp

Tennis Add-on CHF 650.-

*Not available during 1st session, and not available at all for campers booking the Adventure Camp or LTC

Choose from the available specialty programme and combine it with professional tennis instruction from VC’s top coach, Christine Suard! This additional option allows those that are passionate for tennis to combine their language, art, or multi-sports morning programme with qualified afternoon tennis instruction.

Our highly qualified head-coach has developed a fantastic and innovative tennis programme which has three different categories from beginners to highly trained club players. We wanted to give the opportunity to all campers regardless of programme (Adventure excluded) to opt for an additional 3 hours of tennis instruction in the afternoons!

In the evenings, campers join their peers who have been on afternoon activities for engaging evening programmes which will, at times incorporate the whole camp and other times be age group dependent.

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