Summer Camp Leysin, Switzerland

11th August 2023

Friday Finale

The sun is shining high and bright today, To start off with the Yellows and Reds Adventure collaborating on an Adventure Challenge. They were mixed up and split up into teams, where they moved through different stages to be challenged and receive points. Each station was Slack Line, Harness and Helmet, Team Skiing, Dance, Shelter, Fire Building and Frisbee. They all put in their best tries and showed us all of the skills they learned through out the 2 weeks. It was a wonderful view of team work and Listening. The winning team with the most points were delighted.

In the afternoon, all of the campers travelled to the village to buy their souvenirs and treats and returned back to camp to pack their bags quickly, so they could enjoy the last day with their old and new friends they met. They got fancy dressed and prepped for their Gala Dinner. Where they were hosted on colourful tables and served at the highest standard. They absolutely enjoyed it with the projector up for pictures from the last 2 weeks.

After dinner they all gathered in the auditorium for a few shows of some of the kids that prepared for it, with a very special thank you to all the staff of village camps and the parents who made it happen. They danced away the night with their dancing shoes at the disco and had a photography shoot out at the booth.

Today's Menu (short version)
  • Breakfast: Continental Breakfast: Omelette
  • Lunch: Sald Buffet, Fish and Chips, Green peas, pasta station, veg option: veg nuggets , fresh fruit
  • Dinner: Plated Salad, Steak, New roasted potatoes, Garlic bread, veg option: aubergine sandwich, ice cream
  • Subject to change. Vegetarian options always available.
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Latest photos from Leysin, Switzerland

Activites today
  • Yellow: Adventure challenge, Shopping & pack, Friday Finale
  • Green: Shopping & Pack, Park, Friday Finale
  • Red: Adventure challenge, Shopping & pack, Friday Finale
  • Blue: French language / High Ropes, Shopping & pack, Friday Finale