Summer Camp Leysin, Switzerland
Thursday, 2019-08-08
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International Night!

Today we celebrate our diversity and give campers the chance to share their cultures, traditions and cuisines!

This morning the Red Adventure group jumped aboard the cog train and started their day soaring through the trees at an incredible high ropes course in Aigle, whilst the Blues headed out for an action packed morning of rafting. They floated through peaceful and picturesque stretches of river and paddled hard against the raging class 3 rapids!

In the afternoon the whole camp divided into their nations where countries and headed to the forest for a fast and friendly game of Capture the Flag, they had to hide, sprint and sneak their way through the Suchet forest to capture their opponents Flags and return them to the safety of their base.

After capture the Flag it was time to taste the amazing dishes that our talented campers had put together for us all. Everyone at camp enjoyed a delicious assortment of cuisine from all over the world and then it was finally time for our campers to take to the stage and share celebrate their cultures through some very entertaining and educational skits they had been working on the past few days.

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Activites today
  • Yellows: High Ropes, United Nations, International Night
  • Greens: International Night Arts & Crafts, United Nations, International Night
  • Reds: Photo Scavenger Hunt, United Nations, International Night
  • Blues: Rafting, United Nations, International Night
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