Summer Camp LTC, Leysin
Saturday, 2019-07-27
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Departures' day

Like all good things, camp ends too.

All the campers left today, some accompanied by counsellors to the train station and/or airport and others picked up by parents. It was a bittersweet moment; campers stay in touch during the year and often come back the following Summer, but it is always hard to say goodbye. One difference between other camps and LTC is the fact that we are a relatively small group and so we get very close together during the 2 weeks, which makes it even harder to part.

We hope that everyone had loads of fun, learnt a lot, and now maintain their friendships and enjoy the rest of their Summer.

From everyone at Village Camps, including the director of LTC programme David Allen and the counsellors Ana, Noelle, Amy, Siep, Emily, Iso and Myriam, we would like to thank everyone for two great weeks! STAY AWESOME!

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