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Friday, 2019-07-19
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A Sunny beautiful day in the Alps

Today we woke up to the mountains of the alps standing so strong and clear right outside of our window. A lot of the campers have been saying how it’s unbelievable that it’s only been six days so far but everyone has gotten so close and it has felt like it’s already a month since we know each other!

This morning Kristy Gittens welcomed us with her speech. Kirsty Gittens is a world leader in empowering individuals to achieve their goals through cultivating highly effective habits. This helps increases productivity and develops maturity. Our campers learned about proven personal-leadership systems through Kirsty’s speech and interactive activities.

The afternoon followed a Ropes course, where the campers were put into harnesses to be attached from swings and zip-lines, all from high trees in the alps. It’s an amazing place, almost like having a personal jungle gym or a whole playground in the forest. There are tree houses, loads of superman swings, and even a skateboard that zip lines across trees!

Right before lunch we had another speaker, David Allen - who use to be the personal bodyguard of Nelson Mandela. He spoke to us about his South African days, and what it was like working for such a high profile figure who shaped the country’s history.

In the evening we ended the night with Kerry Max Cook, a speaker who was an American former Death Row inmate who was wrongfully convicted. He spoke on the topics of his past being in prison, how he cleared his name, and the lessons that he learned as a captive, a free man and now; a father. His talk was an intimate and exhilarating speech on becoming oneself and finding out what you stand for and who you want to be - no matter the circumstances. It was an inspirational way to end the night.

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