Summer Camp Santa Cruz, Portugal
Thursday, 2019-07-25
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Trip to Setubal ( The dolphin town)

Early but good morning to everyone.
Today our campers had to wake up early in the morning because it was time to go to a special place here in Portugal. We had the opportunity to visit the home of dolphins or town named Setubal.

After an early breakfast we hoped on the bus and did a road trip. While we were driving almost all campers nap a little bit and than again wake up into a beautiful sunny morning. Campers arriverd in Setubl and went for a Catamaran excursion on the sea just next to island Troia. Few minutes after the boat took off we already got the sign of dolphin swimming next to us. When we saw the first fin we all got quiet and started looking at those beautiful dolphin playing,jumping, enjoying and swimming next to us in their natural habitat, the Portugese sea. After a good hour of catamaran time we all got a bit hungry and this was the perfect time to get a visit from donuts pirate ship that made it possible for us to eat amazing donuts in the middle of the sea. What a breathtaking experience. Campers will remember this day and especially this experience.

Catamaran ride was over and our excited but hungry campers were headed to a park on the Troia peninsula to enjoy their food with a beautiful view. Of course, we had to go to the town and do some shopping in the beautiful streets of Setubal. Sun shined and the temperature was rising that's why we all decided to take a walk to the beach where we refreshed ourselves in the sea. Fresh, full of new beautiful and exciting memories we headed back to Pousada. Dinner time was over and it was time for our evening activity. Today we prepared a quiz test for the campers and they all did very well.

Oh what a it's time for us to get some rest for the last day of camp.
Over and out from Santa Cruz!

Today's Menu (short version)
  • Breakfast: Cereal station, Cinnamon cake, Chocolate cake,Yoghurt, Bread, Butter, Jam, Cheese, Ham, Scrambled eggs, Sausage
  • Lunch: Picnic lunch ( Two sandwiches, Apple, Choclate bar, Chips, Juice)
  • Dinner: Pasta bolognese, Salad bar, Bread, Jelly, Chocolate mousse, Fruit
  • Subject to change. Vegetarian options always available.
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Activites today
  • Quiz
  • Setubal