Summer Camp Santa Cruz, Portugal
Wednesday, 2019-07-24
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Sunny Sandcastle competition

And yet another perfect morning in our beloved camp. Breakfast was served and it was time to enjoy delicious food and get energy for a day filled with activities.

After breakfast it was time for our campers to begin their morning activities. Surfers went to the beach where they caught some big glassy waves. Today's morning surf session was a pure perfection. Sun was shining, waves were big and glassy and there was no one else in the water except our campers. What an amazing start of the day for our surfers. Adventures were divided into two groups. First group visited Pool Splash where they were enjoying some water games. Second group was off to do paddle boarding and kayaking in Lagoa.

Sunny morning activities came to an end and it was time for everybody to head down to the beach and take a part in a camp sandcastle competition in which campers did some outstanding creations. Perfect way to spent an afternoon on the beach playing in the sun, enjoying some wind, creating beautiful castles and just enjoying life in Portugal.

Afternoon activities were over, dinner was already in our tummies and as the sun started setting down it was time for Village Camps movie night where we watched a beautiful movie Mowgli. Day came to an end and camp was ready to get an early night sleep because tomorrow it's time for our second day trip to the town which is home of the very famous Portuguese dolphins.

Today's Menu (short version)
  • Breakfast: Cereal station, Cinnamon cake, Chocolate cake,Yoghurt, Bread, Butter, Jam, Cheese, Ham, Scrambled eggs, Sausage
  • Lunch: Picnic lunch ( Two sandwiches, Apple, Choclate bar, Chips, Juice)
  • Dinner: Bacalhau, Soup, Bread, Salad bar, Jelly, Custard, Fruit
  • Subject to change. Vegetarian options always available.
    Click here for more information about Summer Camp nutrition

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Activites today
  • Pool splash
  • Surfing
  • Stand up paddle boarding
  • Movie night