Summer Camp LTC, Leysin
Friday, 2018-07-27
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Event X Day ;)

This morning we had an Event X. Our winners organized an awesome morning program for our last full day to go by bus to Aqua parc in Bouveret.
Beautiful Caribbean-themed water park with slides & games, plus whirlpool and Turkish bath.
They had a chance to try lots of attractions as Houla Hoop, Loop Booster, Fantastico, Wave pool, Lazy river, Tortugas Hurricane and to go to Bouveret Beach, where we ate our packed lunch and could refresh our self with some soft drinks, ice creams, etc.
Following morning program we headed back to camp, went to rooftop were we separated into groups to have a final discussion about the last 2 weeks.
They were given some time to debrief and reflect on what they have learned and appreciated during program and hand out certificates!
Their feedback was overwhelmingly positive, as they had been impressed with the speakers, the content of each presentation, as well as all the games and activities that have taken place.
We also spent time writing a letter to ourselves that will be mailed in a year's time. The topic was open. They could write whatever they wanted.
Right after, we start packing and clean our rooms.
After dinner, we went up to hike up to Profandaz for smores at night, while we watched the sun set over Lake Geneva. Today was the last full day of camp. Wow, has time flown by!
When we came back we all watched the 20-minute video which captured our whole two-week session!

Today's Menu (short version)
  • Breakfast: Buffet - cheese, ham, bread, eggs, yogurt, cereals, fruit, juice
  • Lunch: Packed lunch
  • Dinner: Chicken legs, Grilled potatoes, Spinach, Rice, Salmon, Salad buffet, Ice cream,, Pineapple cake, Chocolate cream with pear
  • Subject to change. Vegetarian options always available.
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Activites today
  • Camp fire - Course review, Awards ceremony
  • Event X
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