Summer Camp Santa Cruz, Portugal
Friday 2018-08-03
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And so the last day has arrived....

The last day of our second and last session here in Santa Cruz has arrived. The campers concluded this session with a shared surf lesson where the campers from the surf program got a chance to show their tricks and what they have been working on for the past two weeks and the adventure program got to have fun trying out this amazing sport once more.

Later in the afternoon, once everyone had time to eat and recharge the campers all gathered for the last all camp meeting in the lobby with a very special session of secret friends where the messages kept repeating I will miss you and Everyone is awesome which is one way of summing up this summer camp experience.

Of course every camper also received their personal certificates and special awards for the campers that have demonstrated excellent progress and effort. This whole session was completed by the showing of a video summing up the past two weeks in Portugal.

After all the packing and picture frames were done the campers had their dinner and got ready for Prom which was in our secret location the Pousadas garage which was unrecognisable after all the wonderful decorations and lights were up. All the campers had a fantastic time as our DJs shared their best set and the dancefloor was full. The happiness remained in the air and after singing, dancing and a last ping pong battle the whole camp went to bed, getting ready for departures tomorrow.


Today's Menu (short version)
  • Breakfast: Banana milkshake, sausages, eggs, bread and butter and jam, yoghurt, yoghurt cake, carrot cake
  • Lunch: Lasagna, Salad bar, carrot soup, bread , custard dessert
  • Dinner: Spaghetti with ragu, salad bar, nata soup, jelly dessert
  • Subject to change. Vegetarian options always available.
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Activites today
  • Picture frame workshop
  • Surfing
  • packing
  • Prom
Counsellor Profile
Summer Camp Counsellor Nana aka unicorn

Nana aka unicorn

Nana has joined us this summer as the camp manager here in Santa Cruz...