Summer Camp Zell am See, Austria
Friday 2018-07-27
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Last Friday together at the camp

Hi everyone, today was the last day of the camp for all of us together, which obviously turned out quite emotional. The morning was quite full of surprises. For the adventure campers it was the activities they did - blues and reds had rafting, while yellows went canoeing on the lake. Yet again beautiful and sunny day, so these water sports were just in the right time. Language students had lessons as usual, but then their teachers took them to the bakery, where they had nice second breakfast and conversations with their classmates. Film students had some mysterious shoot, which was not related to their films anymore, but to this camp in general.

Afternoon was all about packing, all camp meeting, last secret friend messages and the CAMP FILM, in which we saw how and what we did over these two weeks. Thanks Ellie, our film camp assistant for editing all of this together in an almost 20 minutes long video! Starting from the afternoon one could see that campers are emotional to leave this place, where they have lived for these last two weeks. Hugs, a bit of tears as they are sad to leave their friends and also just happiness for the time spent together.

In the evening we had a special dinner surprise - local musicians with traditional mountains outfits and music instruments which we might have never seen otherwise. Dancing, singing and getting ready for the prom, which took place right after the dinner. The prom night had a dance floor, photo booth, and the announcement of who has won in the nominations of princes and princesses as well as the queen and the king from the counsellors (their were voted by the campers).

Now it is time for goodbyes, last hugs, and getting to bed early as some of us leave very early in the morning.

Today's Menu (short version)
  • Breakfast: Oatmeal, fruits, bread, cheese, ham, jams, honey, hot chocolate, cottage cream
  • Lunch: Pasta, tomato sauce, cheese, for some of the campers packed lunch
  • Dinner: barbecue (cheese, meat), potatoes, roasted vegetables, ketchup & other sauces
  • Subject to change. Vegetarian options always available.
    Click here for more information about Summer Camp nutrition

Latest photos from the Camp in Zell am See, Austria

Activites today
  • canoeing
  • rafting
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Camp Manager

Meg is super excited to be back in Austria after spending last summer at VC Spain! She loves to run every morning through the beautiful alpine landscape and is very good at speed arts and crafts...