Summer Camp Zell am See, Austria
Thursday 2018-07-26
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Approaching the end of the camp

Hi everyone, these days you can hear campers talking how quickly camp passed by and that they actually don't want to leave at all. Last language lessons, last afternoon activities and we are almost there. This morning film students were editing their films and not only in the morning, but even in the afternoon as the VC film festival took place tonight and everything had to be finished. Once the films were ready, the filmmakers made posters and so we could more or less prepare to what kind of genre films we can expect.

This was incredibly active day for the adventure campers. In the morning we had field games. Teams needed to compete for the best time between each other and it really involved collaboration with teammates, otherwise the challenges couldn't t be completed. One task, for example, was for a team to balance the seesaw without communicating to each other. Another one was to put hands on the rope and to make a knot without moving your hands. Then later we had some challenges with throwing water balloons and surprisingly some of them did not break. Those, which did break, was considered as a refreshment in this very very hot day.

After the lunch we all went to the field again and some of us did volleyball, others football or frisbee. Afterwards we had a pool party, which was just the best after all these sports and being in the sunlight.

Last but not least, the evening activity was the VC film festival, in which we finally watched all the films made by our film students. There were alien implants, a magic rock that could stop the time, nuclear war, birthday surprises and more than that. Great variety of topics and genres. The audience especially appreciated well-known actors (our campers) and familiar locations (Piesendorf).

Tomorrow is the last day of the camp, and we are also looking forward to the prom. Goodnight from Austria.

Today's Menu (short version)
  • Breakfast: Oatmeal, fruits, bread, cheese, ham, jams, honey, hot chocolate, cottage cream
  • Lunch: French fries, chicken, vegetable sauce, salad bar
  • Dinner: Goulash (vegetarian and with meat), salad bar, dumplings
  • Subject to change. Vegetarian options always available.
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Activites today
  • pool party
  • field games
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