Summer Camp VDC Singapore
Tuesday, 2017-07-25
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The fun never stops at Heroes and Villains Week!

Hello Village Camps followers,

The fun and enthusiasm continues during Heroes and Villains Week.

The Mini Campers played football with the gentlemen from Chelsea and played a variety of sports all at once in Sports Hall 3. Intermediates went swimming and danced. They also started creating their swords and shields during arts and crafts. Leadership took charge to lead activities during Sports.

Today the campers enjoyed beef lasagna with garlic bread for lunch. There was great excitement again as the campers were challenged with another superhero quiz.

Tomorrow is excursion day, so the Mini Campers and the Intermediates are going to Gardens by the Bay.

Camper quote of the day: "I'm going to put glitter on my superhero shield!!!"

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Activites today
  • Dance
  • Football
  • Swimming
  • Arts & Crafts
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Summer Camp Counsellor SophaNova


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Born on the planet Ukopia, a cold and distant planet, SophoNova had to develop powers of teleportation in order to fight her way out of ‘The Great Grey’...