Summer Camp Paphos, Cyprus
Wednesday, 2015-07-08
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Raft Race, Astonishing Blue Lagoon and Fantastic Disco Night Party

The morning started with the entire group participating in a great team activity known as Raft-building! The campers were divided into 5 teams with 10-11 members each and given the task of building a raft to rescue one of their counsellors who was stranded on a rock in the sea. The teams came up with a name, a chant and they had the task of drawing a cool-looking sail. Then, using the material given to them like barrels, wood, rope etc each team had to build their own raft and a race was launched to reach the rock where the stranded counsellors needed to be rescued. The rafts that our crafty campers constructed were truly impressive, floating smoothly and fast to the rock and back to the shore. All of teams managed to save their counselor and something which extremely rare for this activity, is that all the rafts made it back intact, a proof of how much effort our kids put in and how good of a job they all did in great team spirit!

The afternoon was reserved for anotherone highlight of the 2-week period, that is the All-Camp Cruise! Our privately-reserved boat under the guidance of Captain Christos left the port of Latchi at 2:45 for a cruise lasting 3h30. Music was blasting throughout the whole time and campers were dancing and taking photos to remember these special moments with their friends. The stunning Blue Lagoon was our destination, the boat dropped its anchor and everyone enjoyed a swim in crystal clear turquoise waters! (Check out the amazing under-water photos in the daily album!)

When back at camp, the campers showered and got ready for the popular Disco Night that took place around the hotel pool. As predicted and despite the tiring day they have had, the campers gave it their best on the dance floor having lots of fun with their friends and counselors. What a day!!!

Today's Menu (short version)
  • Breakfast: Cereal, Toasts, Marmalade, Turkey, Cheese, Tomatoes, Juice, Tea, etc
  • Lunch: Beans in Tomato sauce, Halloumi Cheese. Fruits - Watermelon, melon
  • Dinner: Chicken cooked in oven with baked potatoes, salad.
  • Subject to change. Vegetarian options always available.
    Click here for more information about Summer Camp nutrition

Latest photos from the Camp in Paphos, Cyprus

Activites today
  • Raft-Building & Raft Race to save 'stranded' counsellor
  • Private Cruise to the incredible Blue Lagoon!
  • Disco Night
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