Summer Camp Paphos, Cyprus

10th July 2015

Relaxing Day at the Beach & Unforgettable Prom Night!!!

Just like all great things, our camp is coming to an end...the morning session for the English Language students was dedicated for the last lesson and the award ceremony where every camper received a Certificate of Completion and praise for their hard work throughout the 2 weeks. The language groups took photos with their teachers in the beautiful hotel garden. At the same time, the Adventure groups had an Amazing Beach Day with lots of activities taking place at the same time in the sea and on the beach. After lunch it was time for the last All-Camp Meeting which included the special Secret Friends box, where campers wrote message for their friends. The messages were read out loud by Michael and Andreas, campers had to up to the front in order to receive their message but this made them an easy target for the counsellors looming to splash them with water pistols. The meeting was great fun and then it was time for suitcase-packing and room inspection. Everyone got to the task right away; they quickly prepared their suitcases and got dressed-up with their best clothes for the much anticipated Prom Night.

Of course the necessary memory photos were taken around the hotel garden before heading to a tavern in the village that was reserved exclusively for our group. We enjoyed a great buffet dinner followed by lots of dancing by both the kids and the staff. The Prom King & Queen vote had two clear winners among the campers, Elise and Mourad! For the counsellors it was Stefanie that received the most votes for Prom Queen with Zahra finishing close 2nd while an astonishing tied-vote between Eric and Andrey was decided by a competitive arm-wrestling match that Eric finally won. The campers danced the night away with their arms around their friends' shoulders and by 1 pm it was time to say goodnight but also goodbye to an incredible group of campers.

Most had tears in their eyes, especially with the first departures late this night. It was hard to let go of the new friends with whom we shared wonderful moments during the past two weeks. Having gotten used to camp life and to the presence of one another, this was a very tough goodbye to say.

We wish all our campers and staff members at Village Camps Cyprus nothing but the best till we hopefully meet again for more Adventures next summer!

Today's Menu (short version)
  • Breakfast: Cereal, Toasts, Marmalade, Turkey, Cheese, Tomatoes, Juice, Tea, etc
  • Lunch: Spaghetti Carbonara. Fruits - Bananas, Grapes, Peaches
  • Dinner: Prom Dinner at Village Tavern, Buffet with local dishes. Ice Cream and Birthday Cake for dessert
  • Subject to change. Vegetarian options always available.
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Activites today
  • Beach Day Sports & Swimming
  • Secret Friends, Suitcase Packing
  • Prom Night!
  • Dancing-Dancing-Dancing & Goodbyes (: