Summer Camp VDC Singapore - Friday, 2016-07-29

The Summer At VC Singapore Comes to an End!!

Hello fellow VC adventurers and treasure hunters,

Today was our last day of camp and it was an amazing day full or adventure and treasure. Mini and intermediate campers started the day making pirate hats and swords to help them look the part for a treasure hunt later in the day. The seniors played the adventure jungle game SURVIVAL. Campers were either Herbivores, Carnivores or Omnivores. The objective was to survive by either not getting caught or catching others for food. If you had enough food tokens and did get caught by MAN, FIRE, DISEASE and DROUGHT you survived!

The campers had a blast but were very tired afterwards. All campers played adventure games like CAPTURE the GOLD, went through the Temple of Doom in gymnastics to find gold and finished with finding Captain Jack Sparrow???s lost treasure.

Camp ended with our closing ceremony presentations, which were well attended by parents and excellent. This was followed with goodbyes for the summer. All of us here at Village Camps Singapore are sad to see camp finished. It was a terrific summer of fun, imagination, fantasy and adventure. We all wish you a wonderful year and look forwards to more fun and excitement next summer. Thanks and enjoy the rest of your summer.

Kind Regards,

Kyle Redshaw and Flip Vorster

Camper quote of the day: " Thank you for such a wonderful summer"!

Some photos from the Summer Camp in VDC Singapore today
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  • Closing Cermony
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