Summer Camp LTC, Leysin
Sunday, 2021-07-04

Welcome to the Arrival day at Village Camps Leadership Training Camp (LTC)

Hello from Leysin,

After months of planning and protocol being set up, the big day has finally arrived. Leysin 1st session Arrivals day 2021 has begun and all the 21 LTC students have arrived at Camp.

There was a lot of excitement in the air as we listened to the Camp Director ,Emily, explain the rules and protocols of camp. The counsellors then did a welcoming dance for the students.

This evening the LTC students and the Blues (the older camp group) combined their ice breaker event so as to get the students to know each other a bit better as LTC will be joining the Blues in some camp activities, for example the hike and festival Friday. The games that were played are designed to get the students to know each other a little better and enhance their confidence within the group.

We will have an earlier bed time this evening as a lot of the students are a bit tired from their day's Journey and we have an action packed day ahead of us tomorrow.

David Allen, LTC programme director

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  • Check in and room assignment
  • Arrival day
  • Ice Breakers
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