Summer Camp Ardèche, France - Friday, 2016-07-29

Last day at camp!!!

Aaaand that's a wrap!

The last day at camp has finally come in to a rollocking end, with an action packed day and a teary goodbye well past the usual bedtimes. In the morning, the French Language students had their final lessons, while the other campers took tables down to the lower meadow to do nail painting, ring making, and more tye-dye,, as well as setting up the pingpong table, a slackline, and the archery sets. Activities continued until lunchtime, when everyone met up on the terrace for the final packed lunch. We will miss those daily wraps!!

In the afternoon is was the grand finale of activities, VC CHALLENGE. Split into their counsellor groups - Rivers 1, 2, 3 and French 1 and 2 - the teams cycled between activities set up by all of the specialists to compete for the glory of first place. On the river, teams had to get every member from one boat safely to another, in the middle of the river with onlookers floating past. The kitchen babes set up a wet-sponge competition, while cavers had a crawling obstacle course and climbers had to untie a rope with 8 figure 8 knots - all without letting their hands off the rope!

When the VC challenge wound down it was almost time for the last supper - a Gala Dinner put on by Chef Lava and the Kitchen Babes, where all campers sat down at a giant round-table set up on the terrace and were waited on by the VC counsellors. We were treated to an amazing 3 course meal: for starters, goat-cheese and honey tart with a green salad; for mains, roast duck with broccoli and scalloped potatoes; and for desert, nougat icecream with chopped nuts on a mixed-berry coolie. After dinner we had announcements, the final session of secret friends, with our beloved singing introduction from Faisal, and many of the inter-camp romances and crushes were declared out in the open.

Once dinner was finished, the campers returned to their tents to do one last pack-up before making their way into the centre of the field for the talent show! We had some amazing performances - standup comedy, singing trios, dazzling diabolo skills, interactive animal noises, dances, and even a special appearance from The Amazing Mongoose! Once all of the talents were performed, campers moved en masse to the common room for a screening of the end-of-camp video, which is uploading now and can be found at this link when complete:

Once the movie finished - at about 11 - the campers returned to their groups one final time, to recieve their counsellor certificates and photos. There were many tears and hugs exchanged, as well as Facebook and Snapchat details, for the campers who are going to stay in touch. This has been a great camp for everyone, and there are so many new friendships (and even a few relationships!) emerging. This is a big au revoir from Pebble - thanks for the blast of a last couple of weeks, guys!!

And now a word from our beloved Camp Director, Moose: "Ladies and gentlemen, parents, and campers of all ages, What a splendid summer it has been - we all explored the deep insides of glorious caves, climbed mountains, played wild games, made new friends, shared our talents and paddled the monumental Grande Descente of the Ardeche River. Having shared time, laughter and stories with our campers, I can only say that these are the kinds of memories that will last a lifetime. I want to say thank you to the parents for sending their children to camp and giving them the opportunity to share a tent, learn a new skill, find the fun in French, paddle, climb, cave, and jump cliffs. My thanks to each and every camper of this session for being a part of our camp family, for sharing your ideas, your enthusiasm, and your songs with us. Last but not least, my thanks go to the wonderful group of staff who keep camp safe and fun and are prepared to work into the night to prepare the disco, the beach party, and the end-of-session video. With this, I bid you farewell and hope to see you next summer - because we love it! Your Moose Your Moose (director)"

Some photos from the Summer Camp in Ardèche, France today
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  • Gala dinner
  • Talent show
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  • Dinner
  • 3 course meal: for starters, goat-cheese and honey tart with a green salad; for mains, roast duck with broccoli and scalloped potatoes; and for desert, nougat icecream with chopped nuts on a mixed-berry coolie.
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