Summer Camp York, England
Sunday 2018-07-15

Welcome to England !

Today was Arrivals day with 170 campers, that's great! Everyone was excited to arrive at Village Camps and the Staff members were really enthusiastic about welcoming all the new campers !

We are so happy to welcome all the familiar and new happy faces from all around the world !

Campers arriving to the camp were greeted by the beautiful Queen Ethelburga's Campus with lots of statues and art work. There was a selection of games and activities all afternoon. As soon as campers were getting closer to the Accommodations, they could already see all the other campers enjoying playful games such as football, table tennis, ice breaking games to well know each other.

After dinner, colour groups met in their common rooms and spent time playing ice breakers and team building games. Later on, the campers had some free time to finish unpacking and relax. All the campers were encouraged to have an early night after a long day of travelling and to prepare them for the next 2 amazing weeks at camp.

We are very much looking forward to getting to know all the new campers and having lots and lots of fun during this summer! Let the summer finally begin!

Summer Camp Menu (short version)
  • Breakfast
  • Scrambled eggs, pain au chocolat, assorted cereals, homemade muesli, fresh fruit, natural yoghurt.
  • Lunch
  • Chinese lunch, stir fried beef, mixed vegetables & tofu, steamed rice, stir fried chill celery, steamed broccoli. Salad Bar. Lemon Drizzle Cake, fresh fruit.
  • Dinner
  • Roast Breast of Turkey served with roast potatoes vegetables and roast gravy, Mixed vegetables with sweet potatoes mash. Salad Bar. Fresh Southern Peach Cobbler with cream, Fresh Fruit.
  • subject to change
    vegetarian options available
    Information about Summer Camp nutrition

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Summer Camp activites today
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  • Ice Breakers
  • Camp Tour
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