Summer Camp Santa Cruz, Portugal
Friday, 2019-07-26

And so the last day has arrived

And sadly the last day of summer village camp Santa Cruz 2019 edition has arrived. Clock alarms went on and it was time to say hello to the Portuguese sun for the last time in this session. After a beautiful wake up, we had a delicious breakfast as usual.

Today's first activity was packing. That made our campers realize that all the fun they had in this past days had come to the end. But let's leave this sad moments for tomorrow and enjoy our last day to the fullest. Packing time was over and we gathered the campers in the lobby and did a special last edition of all camp meeting and secret friends. Of course every camper got their certificate and we also had to mention some honorable campers and hand them some awards for their amazing participation in the camp.

We ended our morning with a video that summarized all our favorite summer camp memories. Lunch was served and campers were off to do their afternoon activities. . First group visited a Pool Splash where they were enjoying some water slides and second group was off to do paddle boarding and kayaking in Lagoa.

When the campers arrived back to Pousada it was time for dinner. After dinner it was time for...drum roll....DISCOOO PARTYYYY!! Our campers all dressed up and looked especially beautiful for this special occasion. At exactly 9pm our disco opened the doors for visitors and Pousada was empty in one second. You could hear the music, see the disco light and feel the fantastic atmosphere full of dancing, smiling and singing. What a night. Amazing. Sad to say this was our last night together with our campers that made this past two weeks really special. Thank you for everything. You will be missed. Hope to see all of you guys next year.

Lots of love, Your photographer.

Today's Menu (short version)
  • Breakfast: Cereal station, Cinnamon cake, Chocolate cake,Yoghurt, Bread, Butter, Jam, Cheese, Ham, Scrambled eggs, Sausage
  • Lunch: Fish fingers with rice, Salad bar, Soup, Bread , Jelly, Chocolate mousse, Fruit
  • Dinner: Shepards pie, Salad bar, Soup, Bread , Jelly, Chocolate mousse, Fruit
  • Subject to change. Vegetarian options always available.
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Activites today
  • Kayaking
  • Pool splash
  • Disco night