Summer Camp YPO-PJLU
Friday, 2017-08-04

Salzburg Excursion

Today was an exciting excursion into Salzburg and the surrendering area. We began the day with a light sleep in with breakfast at 8:30am and a 9:30am departure. Hellbrunn Palace was our first destination where we witnessed the magical trick fountains. The Palace is a must see as we were given a guided tour of the wonderful fountains.

After the Palace we drove directly into old town Salzburg where the campers where supervised during 90min of shopping time. They were also given time to explore the culture of Salzburg. After Salzburg Old Town we headed to Redbull Museum to work up the appetite.

Dinner tonight was at a traditional Austrian restaurant, with large portions of meat and grilled vegetables. There was also ice cream for desert and then we were ready to head home. It was big day of culture and traditional food in which there was time for calm and reflection as a group for 30min before heading to bed for much needed rest.

Summer Camp Menu (short version)
  • Breakfast
  • cereal, granola, breads, cheese, ham, yogurt, milk, coffee, teas, and natural orange juice.
  • Lunch
  • salad bar, pasta, beef, grilled vegetables, and peach pudding.
  • Dinner
  • Meat Assortment, grilled vegetables,and ice cream.
  • subject to change
    vegetarian options available
    Information about Summer Camp nutrition

Photos from the Camp in YPO-PJLU today

Summer Camp activites today
  • Salzburg Excursion
  • Hellbrunn Palace
  • Red-bull Museum
  • Gasthaus Grunauerhof restaurant
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