Summer Camp YPO-JLU
Wednesday, 2019-07-17

From the top of the mountain to the Ice Rink

This morning we woke up in our mountain hut. It was a glorious morning where we saw the clouds rolling over, just sitting below us covering all the little villages. It was such a cool experience being above the clouds! It felt like a whole new world. We even did morning yoga at 7am, right after sunrise.

We then began our mountain trek down Moleson. It was really awesome trekking with our friends; because we got to share stories and just laugh as we hiked. Who knew mountain hikes were such awesome bonding experiences? During our hike, we saw so many different types of birds, as well as Swiss cows! These cows came in so many different varieties - from brown spots (is that where chocolate milk comes from?) to black, to every one of them wearing huge cowbells jingling in the fields.

When we got back to the hotel, we had a new speaker, Neal Godfrey. Neal’s whole speech is about entrepreneurship - what it means to be an entrepreneur, what’s it like, and it was inspiring hearing stories from different business ventures and how we can apply that to our own future too.

To wrap up the evening, we went to ice skating. Some of us had never ice skated before - but we had our fellow campers and councillors to help us glide on the ice. We played some ice relays, where we raced different teams. But we also got to practice our skating skills, pushing baby penguins and whales figurines to help us feel more comfortable in our skates. It was such a fun evening with our friends on the ice.

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This just in, Justin is our amazing camp director! Hailing from good ol' Wisconsin, USA - he is an economics teacher who has taught in the US, Turkey and now Dubai...