Summer Camp YPO-JLU
Saturday, 2019-07-20

Everything good must come to an End...

How is it already our last day in these beautiful Swiss alps? This week has been transformative for all of us in pushing our comfort zones bigger, in making new friends, in interacting and communicating with various cultures, people and way of life in Leysin, Switzerland. It may have been the last day, but we were going to make the most out of every second!

We started this morning off with Nigel Risner, a motivational speaker. Nigel is a motivational speaker, who uses animals as a metaphor to reflect your interpersonal and professional communication style. Communication is one of our key cornerstone at camp - whether you’re creatively active like a Monkey, data-driven analytical like Elephants, emotionally empathic like dolphins, and lions who are natural leaders and by the book. He’s about being yourself and grasping the opportunity as you are here and to have him as a speaker this morning was truly inspirational to the campers.

Then it was the legendary Glacier 3000 walk. It took us on an astounding panoramic walk on a gigantic bridge high up above the Swiss mountains. It felt like a rush as well as exciting to be that high up above the clouds and the rest of the country! In the middle of summer in Switzerland! This country never ceases to amaze us campers in every little corner we go, wherever we go.

In the evening we had a traditional Swiss fondue meal - it was so fun when this little wooden chalet up in the mountains brought out a gushing molten bowl of hot cheese! It smelled so good. We all got sticks to dip our bread and veggies into the cheese. Not only the food was delicious, but the experience of fondue was fun too! The campers felt like a local.

To end the night, we had one last campfire at Prafandaz, a special lookout point for the community of Leysin. We sang and played the guitar around the camp fire, signed each other’s t-shirts, and ate marshmallows and s’mores for desserts. It was sad to know this is our last night at camp, but what a week it was.

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