Summer Camp YPO-JLU
Saturday, 2018-07-21

Last Day Celebrations

We began our day with our last and final speaker, Nigel Risner, who spoke emphasised the importance of seizing the day. He inspired campers to take risks and never miss out on the opportunities of life. He then moved this discussion towards discovering one's personality, which he categorised into four animals -- elephant, monkey, dolphin, lion-- each one having their own unique traits and ways of working.

After lunch, we headed to the activity centre for a bocce ball tournament on ice. For many, this was a first, and surprisingly fun activity, as campers worked together to knock each others pieces out of the way and into the perfect spot. At the same time, we offered self-belaying rock climbing, where many zoomed up to the top in a manner only spiderman could replicate.

Afterwards, campers finished packing before hearing from our surprise speaker, Village Camps very own, David Allen. Campers were captivated as he shared his experience of working with Nelson Mandela, which led to a discussion on respect, highlighting the importance of first impressions and how to establish mutual understanding.

Then it was time to get cheesy... at a traditional fondue dinner. We stuffed ourselves with as much melted cheese as we possibly could have and then rolled ourselves back to the hotel for our closing ceremony, where we watched a slideshow featuring all the photos from this week, read the mountains of good vibes we had, and reflected from all our wonderful experiences and speakers this week.

This has been such a perfect week and we thank all the campers for making it that way!

Today's Menu (short version)
  • Breakfast: American Style Breakfast, Assorted Ham and Cheeses, Yogurt, and Cereal
  • Lunch: Rabbit Stew with Mustard Sauce, Steamed Carrots, Mashed Potatoes, and Salad Buffet
  • Dinner: Fondue Dinner!
  • Subject to change. Vegetarian options always available.
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Latest photos from the Camp in YPO-JLU

Activites today
  • Bocce Ball on Ice and Rock Climbing
  • Speaker 5: Nigel Risner
  • Surprise Speaker: David Allen
  • Closing Ceremony