Summer Camp YPO-JLU - Saturday, 2016-07-23

Day 5

The morning started with a presentation from Steve Beckles Ebusa, the speaker with the orange tie from the UK. The campers thought Steve was both enlightening and engaging as he challenged the typical thought process and perspective and the requirements of leadership. Mind-set and intention was also a particular focus of the presentation and can have a strong influence on your ability to succeed.

The campers had football and volleyball competitions at the Suchet during the afternoon activity. It got competitive between the four teams for volleyball with a few draws causing over time. Some real skill showed in the football game, with a quick downpour not changing the attitude. After this it was free time, ie. Time to pack and then go and buy the last bagful of sweets and souvenirs.

Dinner was at a local restaurant in Leysin, the building was all wood with old Swiss architecture and interior. It was cheese fondue with various accompaniments and then ice-cream for dessert. With a short bus ride then walk to the Prafandaz for a bomb-fire with a view of the sunset over Lake Geneva and the surrounding mountains. Here it was time for remembrance and refection by candle light with Mr Phil in his leaving ceremony as well as plenty smores and goodbye time.

Some photos from the Summer Camp in YPO-JLU today
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Summer Camp activites today
  • Sports session
  • Steve Beckles Ebusa
  • Fondue Dinner
  • Prafandaz activities
Summer Camp Counsellor Profile
Summer Camp Counsellor Kyra
Summer Camp Menu (short version)
  • Breakfast
  • Swiss style breakfast (cold meats and cheese selection), a variety of fresh breads and cereals with mixed fruits and yogurt. Coffee, tea and juice.
  • Lunch
  • Rabbit stew, roast potato gems, spiced roast tomatoes and squash, cold salad bar, pear tart and fruit
  • Dinner
  • Salad, cheese fondue, breads, vegatable mixes, meats. Ice-cream
  • subject to change
    vegetarian options available
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