Summer Camp Chiclana, Spain - Friday, 2016-07-29

Visit to Bolonia, Prom, Flamenco and Memories!

Our last full day at camp! I cant believe that two weeks have come and gone. It has been so amazing here for our first ever Village Camps in Chiclana, Spain. Some amazing kids have come here to the Complejo and learned and shared and laughed and danced and loved throughout the summer!

Today our surfers headed to the beach for one last day of waves. It is incredible how much they have learned here in two weeks. They are a fabulous group and made their instructors so proud today and in the past two weeks.

The adventure and language campers headed to the beautiful area of Bolonia, which has one of the nicest beaches on the coast! They visited and explored some old roman ruins, had an amazing time surfing on the sand dunes, and enjoyed snorkeling in the crystal clear water. It was an awesome morning filled with sun and sand for everyone.

This afternoon we had our awards ceremony! They campers were congratulated on all they have accomplished and watched a slideshow of their awesome two weeks here. Then we started packing up our belongings and getting ready for the big day of travel ahead tomorrow.

This evening we had a very special Spanish evening presentation. David NIeto, a famous flamenco dancer brought his group here to Complejo Campano for an amazing show! They danced Sevillanas, Flamenco, and many more different Spanish dances. After the performance it was Prom!! There was a king and a queen, princes and princesses, an awesome photo booth and lots and lots of dancing. Everyone was savouring their last moments together, making the most of their time here in Spain.

After an awesome last day everyone eventually made it back to their beds to rest. Tomorrow we say goodbye to Village Camps and take our memories with us.

Some photos from the Summer Camp in Chiclana, Spain today
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Summer Camp activites today
  • Surfing
  • Excursion to Bolonia
  • Awards and Certificates!
  • Flamenco Show
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Summer Camp Counsellor Tania
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  • Breakfast
  • Cereals, Toast and Jam, Orange Juice
  • Lunch
  • Beans and Corizo, Pulled Pork, French Fries
  • Dinner
  • Pasta, Spanish Omlette (Tortilla), Salad
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    vegetarian options available
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