Summer Camp Leysin, Switzerland
Tuesday, 2021-08-03

A Tuesday of Sports...

Today was a fun and action-packed day at summer camp in Leysin. Campers spent their morning doing their program; English, French, Performing Arts, STEM Robotics, Tennis and Adventure. The afternoon and evening was filled with various sport activities.

Greens and Yellows enjoyed an introduction to Archery in the morning, followed by the Big Green/ Yellow Activity in the afternoon.. After diner they went ice skating in the sport center of Leysin, just a short bus ride away.

Red and Blue Adventurers practised their outdoor survival skills in the morning. They learned how to build a shelter and how to set up a fire. The afternoon was filled with Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, and Touch Rugby. We finished the day with Trivia Night, various challenges tested each teams knowledge, creativity and ability to work in a team.

Today's Menu (short version)
  • Breakfast: Fried Eggs, Cereals, Yogurt, Fresh Fruit, Fruit Juices
  • Lunch: Fish Fillets, Fried Rice with Veggies, Veggie Pakoras, Side Salad, Soup, Fresh Fruit
  • Dinner: BBQ Skewers, Potato Wedges, Green Beans, Pasta, Side Salad, Fresh Fruit
  • Subject to change. Vegetarian options always available.
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Latest photos from the Camp in Leysin, Switzerland

Activites today
  • Yellows: Archery, Nightline, Big Yellow, Ice Skating
  • Greens: Archery, Big Green, Ice Skating
  • Reds: Lost, Ultimate Frisbee, Football, Trivia Night
  • Blues: Lost, Ultimate Frisbee, Football, Trivia Night
Counsellor Profile
Summer Camp Counsellor Filipa


Filipa is our lovely adventure counsellor from Portugal...