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Counsellor Profile

Origin: Zerzura

I was born in Zerzura on the planet Zenzar. Zerzura is a Saharan city known as the “oasis of little birds” and is rumored to be full of treasure. When I was young some Nampo creature came to our city to steal our treasure. I was able to fly a Hover craft to the nearest galaxy to find help, but I was too late. When I grew up I decided to become a Guardian of the Galaxy so that no Nampo or other creature could hurt anyone else. I was able to do this through years of special sportic training. Now I am able to defend the defenseless and protect the unprotected.

Powers: Controlling of emotions.

Costume: Shielding gloves, cape of invisibility.

Things you like to do when not saving the universe: Reading, exploring new places, spending time with other guardians of the galaxy.

Your Nemesis: Negative Emotions

Your personal GUARDIAN motto or code: Every possibility begins with the courage to imagine.