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Counsellor Profile

Origin: Mc Clouds Black hole Time Cluster

Born on the Planet Pendulum, the people of my planet bare a great responsibility. This responsibility is to protect Black Holes in the galaxies. The Black Holes we protect are not only portals to different galaxies, but also hold the key to the controlling of time. Many years ago Zorgons of the Planet Perc-I 8 attacked and invaded my home planet Pendulum. Only my Father and I survived the invasion. After he passed away he left me the key to time and trained me in the mystical arts of portal transfiguration.

I am now in league with the amazing Guardians of the VC Galaxy to protect what I was born to do. In the common tongue of man I am known as SENKA which means shadow. I now lurk in the shadows of the dark holes I am sworn to protect and fight off any invaders with my magical key and powers.

Powers: Wielding the key of time and knowing the arts of transfiguration and other magic.

Costume: Traditional Pendulum attire of my home Planet

Things you like to do when not saving the universe: Read, riding on my pet unicorn, writing and staying ever vigilant for enemy attacks. And hanging with my guardian friends.

Your Nemesis: The zorgons and people who want to destroy other universes and the flowing of time.

Your personal GUARDIAN motto or code: You’re not a failure if you fail, only if you stop trying. Time is short dare to dream big.