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Counsellor Profile

Origin: UKopia

Born on the planet Ukopia, a cold and distant planet, SophoNova had to develop powers of teleportation in order to fight her way out of ‘The Great Grey’. She travelled from planet searching for her new home. Along the way she discovered the planet of a thousand planets, VeeCee. Here was a place where the interplanetary nomads converged to hone their superpowers and strengthen their bodies and minds. Here she developed her final superpowers; the power of boundless energy and eternal youth.

Powers: Boundless energy, Teleportation, Eternal youth.

Costume: Star power rainbow hair, super star trousers, the VeeCee badge of honour.

Things you like to do when not saving the universe: Snowboard, Rock Climb, Read, Play.

Your Nemesis: No No Negative.

Your personal GUARDIAN motto or code: You don’t stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing.