Counsellor Profile
1.Favourite camp activity?
Climbing and mountain hut

2.Favourite camp tradition?
The games we play all together

3.Your favourite food?
Grilled fresh fish and tiramisù

4.Teach me a word from your own language? (Add translation in english)
Fischiare (whistling)

5.Best music genre?
Alternative rock, acustic

6.What's the funniest campfire story you've heard?
I remember a story about a friend whose car was called "Agnese zero spese" which in italian means " Agnese zero expenses" and once, her indicator wasn't working and instead of replacing it she was using her arm to signal where she was going to turn.. Good italian style of driving.

7.If you had a camp superpower, what would it be?
Flying over the mountains!

8.If you could have any camp pet, what would it be?
Rabbit or cat, maybe not together

9.If you could be any fictional character at camp, who would you choose?
Super woman

10. What is your favourite hobby?
Acroyoga, slackline, learning languages, handstands!