The Village Camps Community Spirit

A true sense of community

Throughout the years providing high quality Camps for young people, VILLAGE CAMPS has always had the interests of children right at the centre of its operations. In recent times, Village Camps has been pleased to take part in many worthwhile projects including:

Summer Camp Sponsoring 2 children for the entire academic school year in The Children of Haiti Project (COHP)
Summer Camp Environmental work with the Jane Goodall Institute
Summer Camp Working closely with International Schools to promote concern for our planet
Summer Camp Participating in and sponsoring such profile-raising events as "Paddle for Cancer" in cooperation with the ESCA (English Speaking Cancer Association)
Summer Camp Providing leadership programmes for underprivileged children in Canada
Summer Camp Granting camp sessions for children needing support through charitable organisations in the USA.
Summer Camp Being constantly involved in helping children become caring adults able to contribute to the society in which they live.

Ongoing Village Camps charitable activities, with children as core recipients, are scheduled to provide educational and recreational opportunities to many children from all over the world, most deserving of support. The work that we undertake on these projects is always in keeping with the Village Camps founding philosophy of achieving results in an innovative, exciting and fun way.

The Online Community

Village Camps was the first international camp to initiate the creation of an online community that keeps campers in touch with each other, providing a site where ex-campers and staff can find long lost camp friends, network and permit future campers to discover more about camp life and new experiences.

A major part of this online community are the Camp Journals which are updated daily with camp news and photos during the camp season, the FaceBook Group which has already more than 3000 members and keeps growing, and the new Google Groups exclusive for campers and staff. This year the Camp Journals will be improved again with a new gallery system and the new VC Directors blog.

And, in the future, there will be more to come, as Village Camps continues to evolve, keeping up with times and the latest trends!