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Reservation for 1 or 2 campers
Please scroll down and complete the form
   Section 1: Child information
  Camper 1 Camper 2 / OR 2nd session Camper 1
  Family name   
First name   
 Mother tongue  
 Camper's Email  

To add a 2nd session for the SAME camper
simply select the 2nd session in the column for Camper2.
There is no need to put the name, etc, a 2nd time.

  Section 2: Optional extras
  Escorted (1)
insurance (2)
insurance (3)
English add-on York
  Camper 1
  Camper 2
 Notes: (1) See Parent Guide for full details. To arrange for escorted travel, please download, complete, and return the Travel form PDF found in the Parent guide at least 30 days prior to commencement of the session.
  (2) Accident / illness insurance - cost per child /per session: CHF 120, € 85, GBP 75, C$ 120, US$ 120
  (3) Cancellation insurance - cost per child /per session: CHF 130, € 95, GBP 80, C$ 130, US$ 130
  Section 3: Parent (or Guardian) information
Title   Address  
Family name   Line 2  

( Use this format 

+41 22 990 9400 )
First Name   City/State  

Tel - Daytime  

Parent E-mail   Post / Zip   Tel - Mobile  
    Country   Fax   
  Section 4: Payment method

Payment method 

Please see Section 5 of the Parent Guide or wait to receive the invoice for details of how to pay by Postal Account, or Bank Transfer
  Section 5: Special requirements / comments
  Specific requests (eg: request an additional session, specify a room mate, special dietary needs, etc.)
  Section 6: Declaration
We have read the general booking conditions (see the link below) and agree to those conditions stated therein. You will receive confirmation of your inscription by email or phone. Please contact us if you do not receive it.
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