Activity Camp and ESL , Canada , Ontario
Ages 9-16
Learning was never more fun than in the great outdoors of Lakefield Camp with a choice of many different programmes and an amazing range of sports, adventures, the arts and English language programmes

Stay at a prestigious private boarding school with its own extensive grounds in the Ontario countryside. Enjoy the company of campers from all over the world to learn new skills in outdoor activities, field and court sports, creative and performing arts and other adventures. Our flexible choice of specialist programmes includes the popular Wilderness Education Programme, regular and intensive English courses, an Activity Camp and a new Tennis Camp.


At Lakefield Camp, campers are housed in the school residence in twin or triple rooms with washroom and shower facilities on every floor. According to requests and in order to keep the camp international the staff will try to ensure that roommates are of similar age but different nationality. At least one staff member lives on the floor with the campers.

Each room will come complete with the basic necessities such as a bed, desk and closet for each camper. Each residence will also feature common rooms allowing for a communal “hang-out” spot for campers. Showers and washrooms are centrally located on every floor.

Boys and girls are accommodated separately and placed according to age.

Camp organisation

A typical day at Lakefield Camp is spent learning new skills in five activity periods. Each week campers select different activities from water sports such as sailing, canoeing, kayaking or windsurfing. They may also choose from field and court sports such as archery, tennis, soccer, mountain biking or beach volleyball, the arts, dance, drama, guitar, or theatre. This makes for a very eclectic activities programme and strengthens other programmes in which activities are a large part.

A recreational or "REC" activity period is also offered daily, allowing you to take part in your favourite activity or in a specialized activity such as water tubing, swimming, videography or Ropes/Climbing wall. These activities are supervised, but not necessarily instructed. A different set of activities will be offered daily.

The remaining three periods are devoted to a variety of sports and arts with campers able to elect the activities of their choice once each week. Once choices are made students stay with those activities for the entire week, building on their developing skills. All the instruction is conducted in English by qualified staff.
Health and safety

A qualified, resident nurse manages the well-equipped infirmary located on the camp grounds. In the case of an emergency, the local hospital is located less than 15 minutes from the camp. All staff are trained in First Aid and water safety procedures.

Regular ESL + Intensive ESL

Campers who do not have English as their mother-tongue are able and encouraged to choose the ESL programme. Campers can choose from the Regular ESL programme or the Intensive ESL programme which provide 10 or 15 hours of lessons weekly, respectively.

ESL classes comprise two or three of the five daily activity periods and campers can then choose any other two or three activities from the activities list. Please note that classes are kept small – maximum 15 students per class in order for the instructors to give each student more personal attention.

Wilderness Education Programme

Unique to Lakefield Camp is our exciting and educational Wilderness Education Programme (WEP). The programme goal is to involve and educate students using the unique outdoor classroom that Lakefield School has to offer. Activities are fun, safe and educational, and feature programming based on the environment, wilderness appreciation and discoveries unique to the local Canadian landscape. Lakefield has special access to true wilderness and is the perfect setting for this increasingly popular and important study topic. All instruction and conversation will be conducted at an intermediate level of English, offering an alternative means of language training for students who opt to take this programme in place of formal ESL. For students who choose to take WEP, two of the five activity periods are dedicated to this programme, with their choice of activities accounting for the other three periods.

Tennis Camp

We are very excited to offer intensive TENNIS in place of language or WEP. This specialized instruction programme allows campers to practice and perfect their skills on the court. Experienced instructors will work with small groups to allow for personal development. For students who choose to take TENNIS, two of the five activity periods are dedicated to this programme, with their choice of activities accounting for the other three periods.

The tennis programme is run by qualified and experienced instructors. Campers are placed into small groups so as to focus on individual strengths and weaknesses. The programme is comprised of 2 periods daily and 10 hours total per week.

Activities Camp

Our activities are as varied as our campers. Whether you like sports such as soccer, tennis, or archery or you prefer the feel of waves beneath you as you canoe or kayak, we’ve got a wide selection of activities to choose from each week. Your camp day is filled with five one-hour activity periods. You make your selections weekly, allowing you to truly learn and improve your skills.

Leaders in Training Camp

Lakefield Camp also offers a Leaders-In-Training (LIT) programme for older campers (aged 17) who want to further develop their leadership skills within our camp environment. LITs gain hands-on experience and develop strong skills in areas such as instructing camp activities, organizing and leading evening programming, conflict resolution, teamwork, and good communication.


Although the following activities are typically offered as part of the programme at Lakefield, it should be noted that they are dependent on availability and their suitability for particular age groups:

Summer Camp Archery
Summer Camp Arts and crafts
Summer Camp Baseball
Summer Camp Basketball
Summer Camp Beach volleyball
Summer Camp Canoeing
Summer Camp Climbing wall
Summer Camp Dance
Summer Camp Drama
Summer Camp High and low ropes course
Summer Camp Introductory guitar
Summer Camp Kayaking
Summer Camp Martial arts
Summer Camp Mountain biking
Summer Camp Sailing
Summer Camp Football (Soccer)
Summer Camp Swimming
Summer Camp Tennis
Summer Camp Theatre
Summer Camp Windsurfing