VC-STEM Robotics , Austria , Zell am See

Programme suitable for ages 10-17

This innovative programme has been designed by Village Camps to capture the imagination of campers keen to explore fascinating developments in science and programming relating to ROBOTICS. The programme uses a variety of state-of-the-art tools and targets from curious beginners through to those with existing skills seeking to expand their knowledge.

Camp Dates & Prices

Programme Overview

This programme is an exciting way to learn and develop the fundamentals of building and programming a range of different robots.

Aimed at campers of all abilities from beginners to the more experienced, our innovative Robotics programme offers a chance for young minds to learn and develop skills and teamwork in coding, engineering, mathematics and problem-solving, encouraging imagination and creativity.

The first week of the programme has informative lessons and specific projects that are based on Lego and other carefully selected independent websites.

As the programme develops and all participants gain knowledge and experience, each can use new found skills and experience to work quite independently, to create the ultimate personal robot. that can vanquish the others in the “Robot Wars” on the final day of Camp, provides an opportunity for campers to face each other creations in a full blown competition.

This programmes covers:

Summer Camp The Engineering design process

Summer Camp How to design & build structurally sound robots

Summer Camp LEGO Education SPIKE robotic kits

Summer Camp Gearing ratios and other engineering concepts

Summer Camp Controlling robot responses through sensors and programming

Summer Camp Decision making structures

Summer Camp Team building and problem solving strategies

Our Robotics Programme is accessible to any skill level from beginners to the very experienced.

The role of the counselours team is to set the challenges and provide the required information to ensure that the young participants are equipped to develop the skills required in this increasingly technical world. This is an exciting, rewarding and super fun way of learning and working together.

All the robotic material, blocks, gears, motors, sensors, computers, iPad and software are supplied by Village Camps and will remain at camp.

Accommodation, Excursions & Activities

The 80-capacity Chalet Notburgahof is in a delightful setting in the rural village of Piesendorf, close to the international, lakeside resort of Zell am See. The Chalet has fully-equipped on-site multi-purpose gym for sports and evening activities, as well as language classrooms, internet café, conference room, tennis and badminton courts.

The excursion highlights include a day trip to visit Salzburg, a trek to Sigmund Thun Klam Gorge and a visit to the Welten Museum.

There is a variety of afternoon and evening activities both in camp and outdoors, which campers from all programmes participate together. These all camp activities are organised and supervised by Village Camps counsellors.

Further details on the excursions and on the activities available at the Austria camp can be found on the Austria Overview Page.

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