Summer Camp Ardèche, France
Friday, 2017-07-28

Final Friday + Sad Saturday (leaving day....)

Leaving day is upon us! :( :(

Yesterday was the last day of camp, Final Friday, and we sent the campers off with a bang! The night before had been the disco followed by a movie, so naturally, we had a sleep-in to make up for lost sleep and rose at a cruisy 9.00 AM for breakfast at 9.30. The morning had a laid-back pace, due to the Tent Inspection Plus (final tent inspection) and a session of packing, while the French Fun had their final class. We met back up for a packed lunch, and then had an epic round of VC Quiz, which involved questions about all sorts of VC Trivia, such as:

Which counselor was born at the feet of Mt. Kilimanjaro?
Which counselor's nationality is also a fruit?
Which counselor has no fun fact about themselves?

...and so on. This was followed by an ultimate round of canoe-wrestling and gaga ball, before everyone took time in Apres to check their phones and prepare for the talent show night.

Dinner was a special Gala Dinner out under the cliff face on the football pitch, with a specially-cooked 3 course meal from our star chef Spud: an entree of green salad with risotto balls, a main of Chicken Ballotine with scalloped potatos and jus, for desert chocolate mousse with strawberries. Delicious!

After ending dinner, the campers slowly made their way over to the campfire circle for talent show. We had a very entertaining evening, with contortionists, singers, pianists, dancers, and even a two-headed, four-armed, Lynard-Skynard singing alien! After the show, we made our way to the commonroom for the final camp video (which will be posted later on youtube). After that, campers all headed out to the field for campfire chilling. Some bought their beds and slept out for the night, while others found friends to lie on the basketball court with and admire the stars.

This morning most of the crew were off on buses at 7.00, and others have slowly been picked up by parents. It has been a great camp, thanks to all who came, and hope to see you next year!


Summer Camp Menu (short version)
  • Breakfast
  • Cereals, fresh fruits, yoghurt, bread
  • Lunch
  • Wraps with a selection of meats, cheeses, and salads
  • Dinner
  • Entree of rice salad, main of Chicken Ballotine with mashed pumpkin and jus, for desert chocolate mousse with berry coolie
  • subject to change
    vegetarian options available
    Information about Summer Camp nutrition

Photos from the Camp in Ardèche, France today

Summer Camp activites today
  • Packing
  • Gala Dinner
  • Talent show and movie!
Summer Camp Counsellor Profile
Summer Camp Counsellor Moose


Moose is the chief camp director of our Ardeche Summer programme! She has been with Village Camps for thirteen years...