Summer Camp York, England
Friday, 2017-08-11


Village Camps York 2017 has come to as end. A summer can fly by so quickly especially in the company of wonderful friends in a new and exciting place. However in true camp spirit nothing was to end without a show and our last day of camp here in York was one that we hope to remember for a very long time.

Today began by firstly celebrating the efforts of each and every activity with our morning programs enjoying their last sessions together. By tradition the very last day of camp signifies a very important day for two of our biggest programs: Football and Performing Arts as they have the chance to display some of their well-earned skills both on the pitch and the stage.

Our first afternoon session meant time in the spotlight for our VC Performing Arts team as they gave an amazing performance showing that camp without rules would be a complete chaos. An incredible effort by campers and counsellors alike that had the audience out of their chairs in admiration of the on-stage talent.

The football match campers vs. counsellors was very tight! Although the campers had a particular set of skills and played amazingly well, they won the game with a final score of 4-2!!

The excitement of our last day together was not to end there with the evening bringing our much celebrated Awards Night! We spent the night celebrating the many different talents, personalities and aspirations of the variety of young people we have here at VC. Straight from awards night came the disco, all of our houses enjoying the rest of the night together as one big Village Camps family as they danced the night away.

We hope that this summer has been as unforgettable for our campers as it has been for our counsellors and we can't believe the amount of new memories, new friendships and new experiences we have gained.

Although we have ended Session 3 here at VC we hope that the rest of the summer is amazing for every single one of our campers, both new and old, leaving and returning. Thank-you VC for an amazing summer!!

Photos from the Camp in York, England today